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What Is Offshoring? What Is Outsourcing? Are They Different?
Examples such as Apples supplier Foxconn, which experience a speight of suicides at its Chinese facilities testifies to the severity of treatment. Combining offshoring and outsourcing. The ultimate means to save a significant amount of money is to combine offshoring with outsourcing.
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Instead of hiring an in-house bookkeeper, for example, you might outsource the job to an independent accountant who comes in once a month or does all the work off-site. Independent contractors can be more flexible and lower in cost than outsourcing firms.
Outsourcing Definition.
Other companies find outsourcing the functions of human resource departments, such as payroll and health insurance, as beneficial. When used properly, outsourcing is an effective strategy to reduce expenses, and can even provide a business with a competitive advantage over rivals.
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Another motivation is speed to market; to make this work, a new process was developed: outsource" the outsourcing process" 21 Details of managing DuPont s CIO Cinda Hallman s 4 billion 10-year outsourcing contract with Computer Sciences Corporation and Andersen Consulting were outsourced, thus avoiding inventing" a process if we'd' done it in-house" A subsequently developed term to describe this is midsourcing.
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With outsourcing growth expected in the years to come, there may never be a better time to learn more about this topic. Before you move forward, its imperative to compare the pros and cons of outsourcing. And it's' also very important to understand the effect outsourcing can have on company culture.

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